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Guest star i.

The weekly wrap up – featuring guest star Kate and her experience in toxic relationships. Kate has a knack for falling head first into toxic relationships. Or so, this episode of Do You Get What I Mean? tells us. At 18, Kate had recently come out to her parents, who reacted hesitant and unsupportive. TwoContinue reading “Guest star i.”

Die, like, better.

The weekly wrap up – featuring the fabulously ridiculous feud between John Keats and Lord Byron. John Keats died at the age of twenty-five. After a short and dramatic illness, he succumbed to Tuberculosis on Italian shores with few friends at his sick bed. It is speculated his decline was hastened due to a grislyContinue reading “Die, like, better.”

What have they done this time?

The weekly wrap up – featuring Scooby Doo fanfiction and Wattpad. Here on the Do You Get What I Mean? podcast, no secret is too sacred to share. Not even secrets pertaining to Scooby Doo fanfiction. Wattpad has lingered on the edge of the internet for years. Well known by teenagers, specifically girls, the siteContinue reading “What have they done this time?”

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