Do You Get What I Mean?

Guest star i.

The weekly wrap up – featuring guest star Kate and her experience in toxic relationships. Kate has a knack for falling head first into toxic relationships. Or so, this episode of Do You Get What I Mean? tells us. At 18, Kate had recently come out to her parents, who reacted hesitant and unsupportive. TwoContinue reading “Guest star i.”

Die, like, better.

The weekly wrap up – featuring the fabulously ridiculous feud between John Keats and Lord Byron. John Keats died at the age of twenty-five. After a short and dramatic illness, he succumbed to Tuberculosis on Italian shores with few friends at his sick bed. It is speculated his decline was hastened due to a grislyContinue reading “Die, like, better.”

A little context.

Trigger warning! Sexual assault, slut shaming. This episode of Do You Get What I Mean? includes details of sexual assault, slut shaming and harassment. Sam doesn’t know if she can call what happened rape or not. But she doesn’t know if she was awake – even though people swear when they walked in she wasContinue reading “A little context.”

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