Guest star i.

The weekly wrap up – featuring guest star Kate and her experience in toxic relationships.

Kate has a knack for falling head first into toxic relationships. Or so, this episode of Do You Get What I Mean? tells us.

At 18, Kate had recently come out to her parents, who reacted hesitant and unsupportive. Two weeks later, she was in a relationship with a much older woman who was struggling with her own sobriety and mental health.

This marked the start of a turbulent and confronting cycle of emotional abuse. Trying to juggle hiding her sexuality from her extended family while still maintaining relationships with women, she felt her own mental health begin to struggle.

In this episode Kate discusses these relationships, and how she wrestled for acceptance and support from her family. She also talks new beginnings and the leap of faith and vulnerability it takes to fall in love again.

Link to Kate’s episode below!

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