A little context.

Trigger warning! Sexual assault, slut shaming.

This episode of Do You Get What I Mean? includes details of sexual assault, slut shaming and harassment.

Sam doesn’t know if she can call what happened rape or not. But she doesn’t know if she was awake – even though people swear when they walked in she was unconscious. She nods and swallows and doesn’t think about how people walked in and walked out without a pause.

Sam vividly remembers her friends – people she had spent four years with, making funny faces at in English and throwing up in her parents yard – laughing uncomfortably and rolling their eyes and changing the subject.

Why? Well, (her attacker) is just kinda like that.

In this episode, the girls discuss the grey area which surrounds sexual assault, and how quickly people tend to believe rumours about a woman’s promiscuity. They share stories from their personal experience and the internalized guilt and shame which accompanies this.

I will drop the link below, but for this blog post I also want to drop a few helplines. Note – these hotlines are Australian only.

these hotlines are taken from the Health Direct website

Link to the slut shaming episode below,


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