Guest star i.

The weekly wrap up – featuring guest star Kate and her experience in toxic relationships.

Kate has a knack for falling head first into toxic relationships. Or so, this episode of Do You Get What I Mean? tells us.

At 18, Kate had recently come out to her parents, who reacted hesitant and unsupportive. Two weeks later, she was in a relationship with a much older woman who was struggling with her own sobriety and mental health.

This marked the start of a turbulent and confronting cycle of emotional abuse. Trying to juggle hiding her sexuality from her extended family while still maintaining relationships with women, she felt her own mental health begin to struggle.

In this episode Kate discusses these relationships, and how she wrestled for acceptance and support from her family. She also talks new beginnings and the leap of faith and vulnerability it takes to fall in love again.

Link to Kate’s episode below!

Die, like, better.

The weekly wrap up – featuring the fabulously ridiculous feud between John Keats and Lord Byron.

John Keats died at the age of twenty-five. After a short and dramatic illness, he succumbed to Tuberculosis on Italian shores with few friends at his sick bed. It is speculated his decline was hastened due to a grisly article the Quarterly Review printed, critiquing his poem, Endymion.

Much to the amusement of the sixth Baron Byron.

The same year Keats died, 1821, Byron published his famous Don Juan, in which he references Keats as a poet, “who was kill’d off by one critique.”

But what was the issue?

  • Byron was rich
  • Keats was not

Keats’ working class roots led to friction between him and the literary elite. Often, he would be described as a “Cockney rat”, and his work shunned from praise. And Byron, in the words of Keats was, “six foot tall and a lord!”

Find out more about Keats and Byron – and the scandalous rumour Byron fathered his own half sisters child – on the podcast, Do You Get What I mean?

What have they done this time?

The weekly wrap up – featuring Scooby Doo fanfiction and Wattpad.

Here on the Do You Get What I Mean? podcast, no secret is too sacred to share. Not even secrets pertaining to Scooby Doo fanfiction.

Wattpad has lingered on the edge of the internet for years. Well known by teenagers, specifically girls, the site boasts more than 400 million stories, mainly consisting of fanfiction.

But this secret vestige of anonymity has recently been pushed into the centre of a boom. All because of one fanfiction. Anna Todd’s After series, a story which featured Harry Styles – of One Direction fame – as a tattooed, chain smoking, bad boy, amassed over 1 billion reads on the site.

Upon publication Harry became Hardin – a young man with unresolved childhood trauma and an abusive streak. It, of course, was a hit, and recently the second movie was released in cinemas.

And how does Scooby Doo tie in? Our fearless hosts – Sam and Or – wrote a Scooby Doo fanfiction in high school and published it on Wattpad.

Although the book is long since deleted, in their second episode they discuss writing, Wattpad and Or’s very own Wattpad novel, Somebody Else.

Click the link below and dive into the world of fanfiction and Scooby Doo!

A little context.

Trigger warning! Sexual assault, slut shaming.

This episode of Do You Get What I Mean? includes details of sexual assault, slut shaming and harassment.

Sam doesn’t know if she can call what happened rape or not. But she doesn’t know if she was awake – even though people swear when they walked in she was unconscious. She nods and swallows and doesn’t think about how people walked in and walked out without a pause.

Sam vividly remembers her friends – people she had spent four years with, making funny faces at in English and throwing up in her parents yard – laughing uncomfortably and rolling their eyes and changing the subject.

Why? Well, (her attacker) is just kinda like that.

In this episode, the girls discuss the grey area which surrounds sexual assault, and how quickly people tend to believe rumours about a woman’s promiscuity. They share stories from their personal experience and the internalized guilt and shame which accompanies this.

I will drop the link below, but for this blog post I also want to drop a few helplines. Note – these hotlines are Australian only.

these hotlines are taken from the Health Direct website

Link to the slut shaming episode below,